Russia Resorts to Using ATVs in Ukraine Despite Vulnerability to Attacks: Intel

The Russian military has increasingly resorted to using lighter and faster all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and off-road motorbikes in Ukraine despite their vulnerability to attacks.

A recent UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) intelligence report said the light vehicles are being used to rapidly transport personnel to the frontline and conduct attacks on Ukrainian positions.

They are also being utilized to aid reconnaissance missions, given their high mobility and ease of use.

But there is a catch.

The use of non-armored ATVs by Russian forces reportedly makes them more vulnerable to Ukrainian drone and artillery strikes.

According to the UK MoD, Kyiv’s forces have already demonstrated their ability to target these light vehicles using one-way drones.

Sign of Shortages?

Several social media videos appear to confirm Moscow’s increasing use of lighter vehicles on the battlefield in Ukraine.

An X video uploaded by @AncientAlien01 shows a golf cart-looking light vehicle full of Russian troops being chased by a Ukrainian drone.

More footage posted by @TheDeadDistrict allegedly shows a Russian soldier driving a Chinese-supplied Desertcross 1000-3.

Beijing reportedly delivered more than 2,000 Desertcross ATVs to Moscow in 2023.

The emergence of the light vehicles in Ukraine could be a sign that the invading forces have lost too many armored vehicles in the war-torn nation and are now facing a shortage, according to a report by Ukrinform.

A UK MoD estimate stated the Russian military has lost more than 4,900 armored combat vehicles since the invasion began in February 2022.

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