UK Buys 50 Bomb Disposal Robots From L3Harris

L3Harris has signed a 21-million-pound ($26 million) deal with the UK Ministry of Defence to deliver up to 50 medium-sized T4 explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robots.

The contract covers in-country support, maintenance, and training for the bomb disposal units.

The robots will be used to neutralize explosives and hazardous materials in narrow spaces and rugged terrain, helping the country’s explosives team and reducing the risk to service personnel during callouts.

Operators will utilize advanced controls, high-definition cameras, and fast datalinks to perform tasks such as unzipping bags and opening glove boxes from a safe distance.

L3Harris Space and Airborne Systems President Ed Zoiss elaborated on the robots’ capacity to effectively neutralize threats in public spaces.

“The T4 EOD robots are the world’s most capable robot for operations in crowded and difficult environments like subways, airports and even hospitals,” Zoiss said.

“These highly advanced, durable robots provide best-in-class mobility and uncompromised performance to protect human lives,” he added.

The first batch of robots will be delivered before the end of this year.

The T4 Robotic System

The T4 EOD is significantly smaller and nimbler than L3Harris’ T7 unmanned ground vehicle, weighing just over 220 pounds (100 kilograms) compared to the older 660-pound (300 kilograms) model.

Its compact size allows it to be transported in standard 4×4 vehicles and be deployed as a rapid response system in emergency situations.

The model is fitted with advanced haptic feedback, which allows its operators to “feel” their way through the intricate process of disarming threats from a safe distance, adding a layer of risk reduction to users.

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