Amprius to Supply New Cells for US Army Soldier-Worn Battery Pack Project

Power supply developer Amprius Technologies will integrate new cells into next-generation wearable battery packs for development and qualification with the US Army.

The project is part of the US Department of Defense’s initiative to equip dismounted soldiers with a rapidly available energy solution on the battlefield without requiring additional support from stations and generators.

The California-based company will combine its proprietary SiMaxx cells into the battery packs, doubling the density of previous iterations and extending operational timelines for warfighters.

Amprius’ portal noted that the SiMaxx cells offer 400 to 500 watt-hours per kilogram depending on the variant.

Also depending on the variant, the technology’s discharge rate runs between 6 minutes to 1 hour and recharges to 80 percent between 6 to 30 minutes.

Soldier Wearable Power Generator
US Army C5ISR Center enlisted advisers Sgt. Corey Burrell (right) and Sgt. 1st Class Patrick Huggins demonstrate the Soldier Wearable Power Generator at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, on Oct. 27, 2021. Image: Dan Lafontaine/ US Army

“This battery pack integration marks a significant advancement in enhancing on-the-ground power solutions for the US Army,” Amprius Technologies CEO Dr. Kang Sun explained.

“Our SiMaxx safe cells, known for their high energy density and safety features, will play a crucial role in enhancing mission time and reliability for dismounted soldiers.”

ManTech Program

Amprius’ wearable battery pack project aligns with the Pentagon’s Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) program, a framework leveraging industrial partnerships to produce US Army-wide requirements.

The program seeks innovations for soldiers, ground systems, aerial assets, and armaments, as well as network, command and control, communications, and intelligence capabilities.

Through ManTech, the army expects to establish manufacturing processes and methodologies that will “reduce acquisition times, sustainability costs, and repair cycle times” of articles that support troop success.

Tactical Power Generation Effort

Amprius also contributed to the US Army’s Tactical Power Generation program, which aims to employ similar wearable battery pack equipment to soldiers.

In January, the firm completed the initial delivery of battery cells to Illinois-based Inventus Power for integration into the agency’s personnel-worn power supplies.

Inventus signed the $1.2-billion contract for the Tactical Power Generation in May 2021.

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