France Awards First Long-Lead New-Gen Aircraft Carrier Contracts

The French arms procurement agency has awarded a trio of French firms the first long-lead contract of the new-generation aircraft carrier, the PANG (porte-avions de nouvelle génération).

Naval Group will produce the main components of nuclear boiler rooms under the 600-million-euro ($646 million) contract.

The boiler rooms’ components include their containment enclosure and the secondary loop that converts the energy of the boiler room into electricity, the procurement agency explained.

Additionally, TechnicAtome will take care of the rooms’ design and industrial monitoring while Chantiers de l’Atlantique will adapt its industrial tools for the construction phase.

New-Generation Aircraft Carrier

The replacement for the Charles de Gaulle, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier’s construction is expected in 2031 with sea trials in 2035-36.

Delivery is expected in 2036-37 with commissioning a year later.

It is expected to have a length of 310 meters (1,017 feet) and a displacement of 75,000 tons.

Additional Features

The vessel’s nuclear reactors are expected to generate 230 megawatts of power, and it will have the capacity for 30 New Generation Fighters and Rafales.

It will also feature two or three sets of Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch Systems by General Atomics and directed energy weapons.

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