Texas Firm to Provide Cyber Support to UK Defence Ministry

Dallas-based engineering company Jacobs has received a contract to provide digital and information technology (IT) services for the UK Ministry of Defence.

Under the framework, the company will deliver sustainment, design, and support for the agency’s Defence Digital cyber warfare arm based in Corsham, Wiltshire.

The agreement encompasses assistance to system architecture and cryptographic capabilities, and will also cover testing and evaluation for both technical and non-technical security features.

Work for the contract has a potential value of 1.2 billion pounds ($1.52 billion) and will be facilitated through November 2027.

Jacobs wrote that the contract will address strategic insight, technical delivery capabilities, and thought leadership required to boost the UK Ministry of Defence’s existing IT and digital initiatives.

The award will also support potential opportunities for the cyber workforce, opening roles for system penetration testers, security architects and engineers, assurance accreditors, and ethical hackers.

“This award showcases our ability to provide cutting-edge solutions across various domains within the cyber security sector,” Jacobs Executive Vice President Steve Arnette stated

“It reflects our team’s experience and commitment to supporting the critical needs of the MOD and provides another opportunity for Jacobs to further contribute to the nation’s defense and security initiatives.”

Recent Cyber Projects

The British government signed a similar contract with QinetiQ in March to support the defense ministry’s cybersecurity capabilities.

Solutions covered by the contract will be used to enhance the military’s intelligence, information sharing, and mission systems development.

In 2023, the UK partnered with a QinetiQ-led consortium to supply data solutions for the British armed forces.

This project also delivered electronic warfare skills solutions, corresponding training, and IT support for warfighters.

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