Tech Consortium to Supply Wireless Device Detection Systems to Pentagon

Communications developer Epiq Solutions will collaborate with cybersecurity company CyNtelligent Solutions to deliver wireless device detection systems for sensitive locations of the US Department of Defense.

The project supports the government agency’s no-wireless policy in the Special Access Program and Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities, as well as other areas embedded with national security data and critical information.

Solutions provided by Epiq and CyNtelligent will be used to “detect, decode, and locate” wireless devices and be integrated into other cyber operations across the agency.

Additional services include site planning, installation, maintenance, and training services.

Works will be facilitated according to a document published by the Pentagon which iterated the no-wireless rule and related guidelines for electronic detection systems usage compliance.

“We’re delighted to partner with CyNtell, a cybersecurity team specializing in delivering wireless systems that make a difference to the DoD,” Epiq Product VP Gary Schluckbier said.

“The combination of our teams’ technology and expertise will provide the DoD with an end-to-end solution that will help ensure policy compliance and manage risk exposure to the growing wireless threat.”

Flying Fox Wireless Detector

The consortium wrote that it will leverage Epiq’s proprietary product Flying Fox for the project, an enterprise-level radio frequency capability that can be activated from conference rooms to larger spaces.

It features an “always on” playback and monitoring function with decreased false alarm identification.

Flying Fox can alert users for signals coming from all types of Bluetooth, cellular, and WiFi devices.

“With years of experience deploying and supporting wireless intrusion device systems, our team understands the budgeting, deployment, and management challenges the DoD faces in implementing such systems,” CyNtelligent CEO Claude Williams explained.

“Epiq’s Flying Fox product is field-proven in large and small installations, and we’re excited to amplify the availability of this technology to the DoD.”

“We are laser-focused on the success of Flying Fox with the primary objective of extending the sales and support capabilities of Epiq and existing partners.”

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