US Marines Tap Mack Defense to Develop Medium Tactical Truck

The US Marine Corps has signed a 12-month contract with Mack Defense for the development of a new Medium Tactical Truck (MTT).

Mack’s new vehicles will replace the Marines’ Oshkosh Medium Tactical Vehicle fleet, including cargo, dump, wrecker, tractor, and re-supply trucks used in combat support missions.

The trucks are expected to have a 70 percent off-road and 30 percent on-road mission profile, with the ability to drive through up to 5 feet (1.5 meters) of water.

The manufacturer will submit plans for three variants of the MTT vehicle in the deal’s initial development phase, designing 10-, 15-, and 20-foot cargo bed configurations.

All MTT variants are set to be hybrid-electric-powered for reduced fuel consumption. They will also be equipped with a 10-kilowatt on-board power generator capable of delivering 30 kilowatts of external power.

Additional features will include silent watch capabilities, advanced driver safety, and force protection systems.

Mack’s Defense Trucks

Aside from the MTT, Mack is also developing the Common Tactical Truck (CTT), a modular vehicle program set to modernize the army’s 35,000-strong fleet of heavy tactical trucks with capabilities such as hybrid technology, active safety, and military-grade mobility.

The CTT’s fuel-saving power system will be developed in partnership with BAE Systems.

Other defense manufacturers contracted to develop prototypes include Navistar, Oshkosh, and the American Rheinmetall Vehicles/GM Defense team.

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