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DroneShield Secures US Hand-Held Anti-Drone Systems Contract

Australian company DroneShield has signed a $4.3-million contract to deliver hand-held counter-drone solutions for a US government customer.

The order stipulates the provision of “a number” of unspecified counter-unmanned aerial system types. Shipment of the capabilities is expected to be completed within 15 days.

DroneShield wrote that the order builds on the “several years” of cooperation with the user. While small orders were made by the partner, the latest agreement serves as the first material contract received by the company.

The firm added that larger counter-drone system frameworks are expected to be signed by the customer in the future.

The DroneGun Mk4 handheld drone defeat system. Photo: DroneShield

“Widespread global conflict continues to provide clear evidence of the rapid evolution of unmanned systems,” DroneShield Business Development Director Tom Branstetter stated.

“This US government end-user has and always will require cutting-edge capabilities to maintain its decisive advantage.”

“This initial order is a testament to our team’s unwavering commitment to addressing complex challenges and further highlights our key position in the counter-unmanned systems space.”

DroneShield Solutions

DroneShield offers three primary counter-drone solutions, each having different variants depending on mission requirements.

RfPatrol is a wearable radio detection device designed to sustain situational awareness in complex scenarios. It can automatically detect threats moving at any speed, according to the company.

The Gun Tactical is rifle-like equipment using integrated directional antennas and jamming interference to neutralize long-range drones.

Meanwhile, the Sentry is a fixed tower system combining various sensors, cameras, and countermeasure capabilities into a single platform. This technology can leverage artificial intelligence to locate, identify, and track drones in real time.

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