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Pakistan Unveils New Tank ‘Haider’

Pakistan has unveiled a new military armored vehicle that reportedly boasts formidable combat capabilities.

Manufactured by state-owned Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT), the “Haider” is expected to provide the country’s armed forces with exceptional firepower, thanks to its “state-of-the-art” components.

It also reportedly offers robust protection to soldiers to ensure their safety while conducting dangerous missions.

The tank was recently rolled out at an HIT facility in eastern Pakistan, with Chief of Army Staff General Syed Asim Munir and other defense officials in attendance.

During the ceremony, Munir commended the technical prowess of the Haider tank and acknowledged the collaborative efforts that led to its development.

Neither the HIT nor the Pakistan Army provided specific details on when the new military vehicle will begin service.

Collaboration With China

The unveiling of the Haider marks a significant milestone in Islamabad’s efforts to develop indigenous military assets.

It reflects the country’s pursuit of excellence in defense innovation.

But more than that, Munir highlighted China’s role in the development of the new asset, saying its advanced technological input has boosted Pakistan’s local manufacturing prowess.

HIT partnered with NORINCO China in producing the Haider.

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