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US Navy Creates New Job Focused on Drone, Robotics Warfare

The US Navy has established a new enlisted career focused solely on drones and robotics warfare.

Called the Robotics Warfare Specialist (RW), the new job will ensure effective planning and control of all operations related to the service’s robotics and autonomous systems.

It will also take charge of the navy’s active and passive payload systems and sensors, ensuring that these cutting-edge systems are properly maintained.

According to the service, the creation of an autonomous system-focused job is a major milestone in its “relentless march to achieve a truly hybrid fleet.”

The move is expected to increase fleet lethality, capacity, deterrence, and operational readiness.

“This dedicated robotics rating will accelerate development of deep expertise in rapidly advancing autonomous technologies,” the US Navy said.

‘A Small, Highly-Selective Rating’

The new rating is open to active-duty sailors who have the right experience, technical skills, and warfighting ability.

Those who have already been assigned to unmanned vehicle divisions are most preferred to be recruited for RW.

Sailors without prior experience will be accepted for the rating, provided that they go through an electronic technician school or a robotics warfare school that the service plans to open in 2026.

The first advancement exam for the RW rating will begin in September.

The US Navy has not disclosed how many sailors it needs for the RW roles, but it clarified that the new rating will be “small and highly selective” for now.

“The new RW rating will create knowledgeable robotics professionals who will forge the future of the workforce with technical skills and the necessary warfighter ability,” US Navy official Vice Adm. Rick Cheeseman said.

“The future of warfighting requires the enhancement of robotic professions.”

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