Slovenia Receives New Air Combat Training Module From QinetiQ

British defense company QinetiQ has handed over a new Air Combat Training module to the Slovenian Armed Forces.

This new form of training uses live ammunition against physical targets and is offered as part of the firm’s Threat Representation product line.

Threat Representation services provide realistic training simulations to train users in the “ever-evolving threat landscape” for global partners.

Airmen from the 152nd Fixed Wing Squadron received a 10-day practice with machine guns to neutralize moving targets.

The Air Combat Training gathered data from each session in real-time, providing soldiers with direct feedback from their missions.

Alongside actual weapons, the training leveraged the Pilatus PC-9B low-wing system as the mobile target against the PC-9M training aircraft operated by Slovenian aircrews.

The 152nd Squadron teamed with the Hellenic Air Force’s 117th Combat Wing to complete the challenge at the Andravida Air Force Base’s training field in Greece, QinetiQ wrote.

“I’m proud of the way our aircraft and ground teams worked together to ensure the success of this new training for the Slovenian Armed Forces,” QinetiQ Global Threat Representation Managing Director Graham Ollis stated.

“This offers an additional module within our Aerial Training Services, part of our global Threat Representation offering, and will continue to be offered to Slovenia, as well as other International forces.”

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