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Singapore Air Force Procures H225M Helicopter Simulator

Spanish defense company Indra has signed an agreement to supply an H225M military helicopter simulator for the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

Under the contract, the firm will provide a training platform qualifiable for the EU’s aviation safety standards, corresponding technical assistance, post-delivery support, and options for future upgrades.

The trainer will be used for aircrew flight proficiency as well as mission training in various light and environmental scenarios.

During flight preparations, instructors can review analytics through biometric sensors that collect data from the trainee.

Alongside tactical deployments, the technology will be used to train airmen for search and rescue, aeromedical evacuation, disaster relief, and other humanitarian missions.

H225M Caracal helicopter.
H225M Caracal helicopter. Photo: Anthony PECCHI/ Airbus

Indra wrote that Singapore’s upcoming H225M simulator will incorporate a roll-on/roll-off capability which enables seamless transition of other potential rotorcraft cockpits into the system.

“This delivery for the Republic of Singapore Air Force reinforces Indra’s position as one of the world’s leading simulator manufacturers and having delivered one of the most number of helicopter simulators,” Indra stated.

“Indra’s simulator will ensure safety during training, replicating realistic operational scenarios and complex maneuvers. It will simulate both day and night operations, under all possible challenging environmental conditions.”

Recent Simulator Projects

Indra started the delivery of the Pizarro infantry combat vehicle simulator across Spanish Army installations as part of a 2021 contract in May 2023.

Four months earlier, the company received $20.8 million to develop and supply an NH90 helicopter simulator for Madrid’s air and space forces.

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