Sweden Seeks Replacement for Arthur Weapon Locator

The Swedish military is seeking a replacement for its Arthur (Artillery Hunting Radar) weapon locating system.

The future system is sought to support indirect fire and counter-fire operations at the brigade level, Janes reported, citing a Swedish Defence Materiel Administration request for information.

Expected Features

It should “include the capability to sense and warn friendly forces of threats originating from indirect fire,” according to the request.

“As such, it must be integrated into the [command-and-control] and [intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance] systems of the land forces.”

Additional expected features include the ability to sense, detect, classify, and localize unmanned aerial vehicles.

The system could be active or passive, with procurement expected between 2026 and 2031.

The last day to respond to the request for information is March 6.

Arthur Weapon Locating System

The Arthur Weapon Locating System is designed to detect and track artillery shells, mortar projectiles, and rockets and calculate their point of origin for counter battery fire.

The lightweight system offers accuracy, mobility, and a range of 60 kilometers (37 miles).

Saab was awarded an Arthur life extension contract in 2018, including Giraffe 4A multi-function radar. Deliveries began in 2019.

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