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Pro-Palestine Hackers Target US Navy’s 5th Fleet, Says Obtained Classified Docs

A pro-Palestine hacking group claimed that it had breached computer systems of the US Navy’s fifth fleet stationed in Bahrain, obtaining a trove of classified documents.

The group, known as Al-Toufan, posted on social media some evidence of the alleged breach, including a detailed map showing the inside of an American military base in Manama.

The group said the data leak was meant for “the heroes of the valiant and honorable resistance in Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq.”

They also called themselves the “Axis of Resistance” working against the Americans, whom they tagged as the “Axis of Evil.”

“What we have is greater, and it will reach those [who are] concerned and support … [our] operations…” Al-Tufan wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Neither the Pentagon nor the US Navy has confirmed the alleged data breach.

Due to US Support for Israel?

Though still unconfirmed, the alleged cyberattack is likely linked to Washington’s support for Israel in its war against Hamas.

In December 2023, the US government approved the emergency sale of tank ammunition to Jerusalem believed to be for use against the Palestinian militants.

The US also reportedly warmed to Israel’s request for Apache helicopters to support aerial operations.

Al-Toufan has a history of going against those who support Israel. Last year, it made two Bahraini government websites briefly inaccessible due to Manama’s stance in favor of Jerusalem.

However, this appeared to be the first time the group targeted the US military, which has conducted strikes on Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

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