Royal Marines Reveal Revamped, Stealthier Offshore Raiding Craft

The UK Royal Marines has redesigned its fleet of Offshore Raiding Craft (ORC) to modernize them after two decades of service.

Renamed the Commando Raiding Craft (CRC), the vessels have been given an overhaul to employ newer technologies during small-team coastal landing missions.

The CRCs have been fitted with newer engines that allow them to travel at 40 knots (46 miles/74 kilometers per hour) with a  230-mile (370 kilometers) range.

They have also been reconfigured with a newer mast, trim, cooling systems, and electronic suite for improved stealth, maneuverability, communications, and navigation.

The CRC is currently deployed on operations, joining the 47 Commando’s 539 Raiding Squadron and the Littoral Response Group (South) task force in the Mediterranean.

Continuing Upgrades

Although considered a “life extension” and upgrade to the raiding craft, UK Commando Forces are still set on developing a newer boat that will replace the ORC, CRC, and aging Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel.

Commando Force Acquisition team member Major Joe Brown said that the force took the opportunity to develop newer vessels by revamping in-service hulls.

“It is an example of developing for the future through maximising the potential within existing capabilities,” he added.

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