Austal USA to Expand Shipyard Facility in Alabama

Austal USA has teamed with Kiewit Infrastructure South Co. and Pearlson Shiplift to design and construct a new part of its manufacturing facility in Mobile, Alabama.

The “major expansion” will see the development of a hub at the southern portion of Austal’s existing waterfront yard.

Prime elements of the project will incorporate upgrades on existing capabilities, a new assembly building, and the installation of a ship lift system developed by Pearlson.

Once completed, Austal’s entire Mobile shipyard will have a 117,000-square-foot (10,900-square-meter) steel panel line, two module manufacturing spaces for serial production, and seven assembly bays with indoor erection space.

It will encompass more than 1.5 million square feet (139,400 square meters) of area in the city.

Construction is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2024.

Artist's rendering of Austal USA shipyard in Mobile, Alabama. Photo: Austal USA
Artist’s rendering of Austal USA shipyard in Mobile, Alabama. Photo: Austal USA

“Austal is excited to begin design work on our newest shipyard expansion project,” Austal USA Acting President Michelle Kruger stated.

“This comes on the heels of several major awards to Austal USA for both steel and aluminum ships from the US Navy and US Coast Guard adding to a backlog of almost $12-billion dollars.”

“This new facility is continuing evidence of the close relationship we have with our local community including our community leaders; local, state and federal political leaders; and, regional organizations.” 

Supporting Next-Gen Military Vessels

Pearlson’s ship lift platform, to be used for drydocking naval vessels during repair and maintenance, will cover approximately 450 by 125 feet (46 by 38 meters) of area at the site.

It will have the capacity to elevate and launch systems weighing more than 18,000 long tons (18.3 million kilograms), including the US Navy’s Independence-class littoral combat ships, Constellation-class frigates, TAGOS-25 ocean surveillance ships, and the Coast Guard’s Heritage-class offshore patrol cutters.

“We are very excited to be associated with Austal USA, and to support this transformative shipyard expansion project in Mobile, Alabama,” Pearlson Shiplift Corporation CEO Kelly Pearlson Fraind said.

“This strategic investment by Austal USA will mean that current and future generations, both in Alabama, and across the USA will benefit from a world-class facility which is capable of handling the next generation of US Navy and US Coast Guard vessels.”

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