Russia’s Su-57 to Feature ‘Fifth-Gen’ Engine in 2024

Russia will induct Su-57 fighter jets featuring a new engine from 2024.

The second-stage Izdelie-30, or AL-51F1, engine is production-ready following its tests, state-owned TASS revealed citing two sources.

Its reported afterburner thrust of 18,000 kilograms (39,683 pounds) will let it supercruise over Mach 2 without activating fuel-guzzling afterburners which increase heat signatures.

The aircraft’s lack of supercruise without an afterburner reportedly hampered its “stealth” and fifth-generation credentials.

To Equip Su-75

Russia has been testing the two-stage Izdelie-30 on the Su-57 since 2017 as a replacement for the AL-41F1, also fitted on the Su-35.

Russia’s in-development fifth-generation aircraft Su-75 is also expected to feature the Izdelie-30. 

The Su-75’s maiden flight is expected in mid-2025.

Won’t Retrofit Operational Aircraft

Meanwhile, Russia deployed the first-stage Izdelie-30-fitted Su-57s in Ukraine after receiving over 10 of the aircraft in 2023, TASS wrote.

The aircraft won’t be retrofitted with the new engine as the previous iteration is considered capable.

“There are no plans to replace the first-stage engines on the Su-57s already transferred to the Aerospace Forces with new engines,” the outlet quoted one of the sources as saying, explaining that even with the first-stage engine, the Su-57 surpasses the US F-35’s capabilities.

Citing the developer AM Lyulka Design Bureau, TASS wrote that the first-stage engine provides the aircraft with super-maneuverability, better thrust-to-weight ratio, and low visibility.

“Another advantage is the oxygen-free plasma ignition system of the main and afterburner combustion chambers,” it said.

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