Trump Urges Republicans to Kill Ukraine Aid Bill

Former US President Donald Trump urged Republicans Monday to reject a bipartisan Senate deal trading tough new border security measures for $60 billion in Ukraine funding and other national security priorities.

“Don’t be STUPID!!! We need a separate Border and Immigration Bill. It should not be tied to foreign aid in any way, shape, or form!” said Trump, who running for reelection and is desperate to deprive President Joe Biden of a major legislative win ahead of the November vote.

With the White House race looking almost certain to be a rematch of 2020, the Republican former president has been hammering his Democratic successor over record numbers of undocumented migrants crossing the southern border.

Senators unveiled one of the harshest immigration bills in a generation Sunday, including significant restrictions that Biden has committed to signing into law.

The $118.3 billion package includes $60 billion for Ukraine, $14 billion for Israel, $10 billion in humanitarian aid, nearly $5 billion for Asia-Pacific partners including Taiwan, and $20 billion in new border funding.

It would be a major win for immigration hawks — full of concessions that Democrats would normally have strongly opposed, such the curbing of presidential discretion in allowing in refugees for humanitarian reasons, an expedited removal process, and a mandate to close the border when apprehensions reach 5,000 daily.

It also includes none of the priorities Democrats typically push for, such as a path to citizenship for the country’s estimated 11 million undocumented migrants.

But Trump has an iron grip on Republicans leading the House of Representatives, and has called repeatedly for the party to kill the legislation and deny Biden and his Democrats a political victory ahead of November’s election.

“This Bill is a great gift to the Democrats, and a Death Wish for The Republican Party,” Trump added.

“It takes the HORRIBLE JOB the Democrats have done on Immigration and the Border, absolves them, and puts it all squarely on the shoulders of Republicans.”

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