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Australia to Revamp Army Infrastructure in Darwin

The Australian Department of Defence has announced an investment to upgrade army infrastructure in Robertson Barracks and the Howard Springs South in Darwin.

The 24-million Australian dollar ($15.8 million) project is part of the government’s objective to modernize military installations in the Northern Territory.

This initiative is a “key priority” outlined in Canberra’s Defence Strategic Review, a framework implementing long-term solutions to sustain the country’s national security and readiness for modern warfare.

For the Robertson Barracks, 22 million Australian dollars ($14.5 million) will be spent to upgrade facilities used in medical and dental services, fitness, and training military working dogs.

The base currently houses more than 2,000 troops from the Australian Army’s 1st Brigade and 1st Aviation Regiment.

Meanwhile, Howard Springs South will receive approximately 2 million Australian dollars ($1.3 million) for maintenance works across the site.

The defense agency wrote that work for both locations has already begun. Throughout the effort, over 230 jobs are expected to be created in the area.

The government is expected to partner with Indigenous companies, local trades, and other businesses for the construction.

Modernizing ‘Foundational Estate’

Darwin was among the many communities in Northern Australia to withstand enemy forces during World War II. The area suffered over 60 air raids during the conflict.

In the late 1950s, Darwin was granted city status after its boost in population and self-sufficiency.

“The $24 million upgrades at Robertson Barracks and Howard Springs South in Darwin will be delivered by local businesses and provide a significant boost to the local economy by creating job opportunities in the construction industry,” Assistant Defence Minister Matt Thistlethwaite stated.

“The Defence estate plays a critical role in supporting the operational readiness of the Australian Defence Force, and having a safe and maintained estate is integral to capability and supporting personnel who live, work and train on base.”

“The Albanese Government will continue to invest in foundational estate and infrastructure, which is critical to the capacity of our Defence Force to keep Australians safe.”

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