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Australia, Japan Agree to Collaborate in Undersea Warfare

Australia and Japan have agreed to explore potential collaborations to enhance their undersea warfare capabilities.

According to the Australian Department of Defence, the deal was struck between Canberra’s Defense Science and Technology Group and Tokyo’s Acquisition Technology and Logistics Agency.

It said the two entities will pursue advanced research in underwater robotic and autonomous systems, though no specific platforms were mentioned.

It further stated that the collaboration will enhance undersea communication and interoperability between two of America’s closest allies.

“This project will build a foundation for future joint research on robotic and collaborative autonomy, aiming to deliver advanced capabilities to support asymmetric advantage,” the department noted.

Maintaining Technological Edge

Australia’s chief defense scientist Tanya Monro said the agreement illustrates the increasingly strong defense science and technology relationship between Japan and Australia.

She also stated that the collaboration aims to deliver science and technology products that Canberra cannot achieve alone.

Additionally, the partnership will enable the two nations to “maintain a technological edge in our rapidly changing strategic environment.”

This is not the first time Australia and Japan have inked a defense cooperation pact.

In October 2022, the two Indo-Pacific nations agreed to share sensitive intelligence and deepen defense cooperation to counter China’s military rise.

They also participated in joint naval drills to boost the collective planning and employment of advanced warfare tactics.

Canberra and Tokyo’s increasing military ties have resulted in China cautioning the world’s 16th most powerful military about trusting Japan, given its attacks on Australia during World War II.

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Representatives from Japan and Australia pose for a photo after signing a collaborative agreement. Photo: Australian DoD

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