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US Wants Japanese Shipyards for Warship Maintenance 

The US and Japan plan to allow maintenance and repair of US warships at private Japanese shipyards.

“To keep pace with changes and challenges in the region, America needs to be bold enough and fast enough,” US Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel said while announcing the Ship Repair Council Japan, which will work out a joint plan for the maintenance work.

“Keeping US Navy ships in theater and in service strengthens the US-Japan Alliance and our joint deterrence.”

To Improve US Navy Readiness

The ship repair council includes the US Navy, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, and private companies from Japan and the US.

Allowing complete maintenance at Japanese shipyards will reduce downtime and optimize resources, improving the US Navy’s readiness for potential conflict.

US naval vessels undergo minor maintenance at US bases in Japan and return to US bases for extensive maintenance and overhaul.

Japan hosts the only forward-deployed carrier strike group of the US Seventh Fleet, which has up to 70 warships at its disposal.

Allows US Shipyards to Focus on Construction

The maintenance facility will allow US shipyards to focus on building warships, enabling the US to speed up the expansion of its naval fleet.

US shipyards are facing a maintenance backlog of up to 4,000 days, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Navy has eclipsed the US Navy as the world’s largest with a fleet of 370 vessels, 30 more than they had in 2023, according to a Pentagon report.

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