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Taiwan Renovating Military Runaways to Prepare for Chinese Missile Strikes

Taiwan is renovating its military runaways as a countermeasure to potential Chinese ballistic missile strikes.

According to reports by local media outlets, the runways on seven air force bases will be widened to 60 meters (197 feet) to reduce repair time after a missile attack.

The current width of the seven unidentified military airstrips on the island nation ranges from 45 to 50 meters (148 to 164 feet).

Standardizing their sizes will reportedly allow the Taiwanese Air Force to still take off for counter attacks despite having large craters.

It would also expedite repair time following a strike, from the usual 4 to 2.5 hours for one or two large craters.

Consulting With the US

According to the reports, the Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense conducted thorough assessments before reaching the decision.

It also consulted with its US counterpart to evaluate the plan’s feasibility and effectiveness.

The US helped Taipei build the 60-meter (197 feet) standard runway at Ching Chuan Kang Air Base in the central city of Taichung.

Its size can accommodate B-52 bombers and other large transport planes.

Potential Invasion

Beijing has ramped up military pressure against Taiwan in a bid to unify the small island with mainland China.

Earlier this week, the Taiwanese defense ministry said it spotted six Chinese balloons flying over the Taiwan Strait, one of which crossed the island.

Hundreds of Chinese aircraft and warships have also been detected near Taiwan in the past few years.

With the increasing military activities by China, US intelligence has claimed that the Asian military powerhouse may attempt to take control of the self-ruled nation by 2027.

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