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Turkish Navy Receives First Sea Drone, Indigenous Vessels

The Turkish Navy has received four state-of-the-art naval platforms to enhance its maritime patrol and electronic warfare missions.

A ceremony in northwestern Turkey saw the delivery of the country’s first domestically-built frigate, the TCG Istanbul, and a replenishment combat support ship, TCG Derya.

The TCG Istanbul features a cutting-edge radar system, combat management, and electronic warfare systems.

It is also fitted with the MIDLAS national vertical launch missile system for holding and firing missiles on mobile naval platforms.

Meanwhile, the TCG Derya will ensure timely and rapid refueling and replenishment of essential supplies for combat units.

Additional Vessels

The Turkish Navy also recently received the TCG Lt. Arif Ekmekçi logistics support ship and its first armed unmanned surface vessel (USV).

The TCG Lt. Arif Ekmekçi is expected to provide Turkish sailors deployed away from naval bases with fuel, freshwater, and food.

The USV, named Marlin, is designed to conduct intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance operations.

With a speed of 36 knots, it can maneuver in extremely rough sea conditions, according to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

It also has the necessary technologies to support surface warfare and electronic attack missions.

“With its superior technical features, the Marlin USV will support our dominance at sea, instilling confidence in friends and causing fear in adversaries,” Erdoğan explained.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gives a speech during the commissioning of four new vessels. Photo: Turkish government

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