Morocco to Acquire 200 Armored Vehicles From Turkey

The Royal Moroccan Armed Forces has ordered 200 Cobra II armored vehicles from Turkish defense company Otokar.

Referred to in December by Otokar as an “order from abroad,” the deal is estimated to be worth $136 million. Essential spare parts, maintenance support, and training for vehicle operators are also covered by the contract.

Around 20 of the Cobra II vehicles are set to be deployed as part of Morocco’s contribution to UN peacekeeping operations.

Delivery of the vehicles is scheduled to start by the end of 2024 and end in 2025.

Fielding the Cobra

The Cobra II is a six-cylinder diesel engine vehicle used mainly for security and peacekeeping operations as well as border protection. It can carry up to nine people, including a driver and commander.

Its design focuses on modular weapon and defense integration, allowing it to adapt to newer technologies for stronger firepower and defense.

In Ukraine, it has been seen as an effective countermeasure against improvised explosive devices and land mines due to its Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Armor.

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