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Germany Likely to Send Tank Ammo to Israel  

The German government has tacitly agreed to an Israeli request for tank shells following long deliberations, according to Der Spiegel.

Israel requested a total of 10,000 120-millimeter Rheinmetall precision rounds in November to replenish ammunition used in the Gaza operation, the German outlet added, citing sources.

Other countries have also received requests, with US President Joe Biden agreeing to deliver 14,000 rounds in early December, bypassing Congress.

Tacit Agreement

According to Der Spiegel, the German Chancellery, Defense Department, and Foreign Office have been mulling over the request since November and have “fundamentally” agreed to it.

An “official confirmation,” however, has not been made, the weekly wrote, adding that the Israeli embassy in Germany has also not responded to questions on the decision.

Ammunition From German Stock 

Ammunition from German military stocks is being considered for delivery to Israel since supplying it through industry would take a lot longer.

The military stocks could be refilled in six to eight months, according to the outlet.

Contract details of the weapons package are being discussed, including the price. Israel is reportedly willing to pay for the delivery.

Other considerations for the decision include the delivery’s impact on arms aid to Ukraine and on the military’s ammunition reserves, even though they could be replenished in a few months.

Political Decision

Moreover, it is a political decision as the German federal ministers have been treading a fine line since the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel, expressing solidarity with Jerusalem and reiterating its right to self-defense while cautioning it to be more “careful” in its Gaza operation.

“The Israeli army must do more to protect civilians in Gaza,” Der Spiegel quoted German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock as saying during a visit to Israel last week. 

The country must find ways to better protect the civilian population; this requires “less intensive operations.” 

Israeli Arms Export Requests 

Following the Hamas attack, the German government said it would approve and process Israel’s arms requests on a “priority” basis, saying that around 200 such requests had been received.

So far, the country has accepted the Israeli requests for armored vehicles and protective equipment for soldiers.

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