Georgia Buys Anti-Aircraft Missiles From Poland

Georgia has procured an undisclosed Polish anti-aircraft missile system to bolster its air defense capabilities.

The agreement was made during a recent meeting between Georgian Deputy Defense Minister Giorgi Khandrava and several representatives of Polish defense firm MESKO.

The deal is part of Tbilisi’s efforts to equip its armed forces with modern weapons to address sophisticated threats.

Georgia wants to integrate NATO standard weapons to bolster its bid to become a member of the alliance.

Apart from signing the missile procurement deal, Georgia and MESKO reportedly discussed plans for future defense collaboration.

MESKO’s Missile Portfolio

Although the specific type of weapon under order was not disclosed, MESKO boasts a variety of anti-aircraft missile systems in its portfolio.

It manufactures the Grom (Thunder) missile for destroying low-flying enemy aircraft, helicopters, and other targets emitting infrared radiation.

The man-portable weapon has an average flight speed of 580 meters (1,903 feet) per second and an operational distance of up to 3,500 meters (11,483 feet).

MESKO also produces the Piorun (Lightning), an improved version of the Grom. It has a better seeker and a new rocket engine for more effective strikes.

It boasts a modernized launcher with additional day and thermal vision sights, allowing operators to accurately hit targets at night.

The Piorun can hit targets up to 6,500 meters (21,325 feet) away.

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