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Lockheed to Integrate AGM-88G Anti-Radiation Missiles on F-35s

Lockheed Martin has been selected to integrate AGM-88G High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missiles (HARMs) on F-35 aircraft.

According to a US Department of Defense announcement, the beneficiaries of the initiative will be the US Air Force, US Navy, US Marine Corps, and foreign military sales customers.

It covers the A, B, and C variants of the multi-role combat jets.

In addition to integrating the missiles, Lockheed will establish F-35 Lot 17 reprogramming laboratories for the governments of Australia, Canada, Italy, Norway, and the UK.

Denmark and the Netherlands will also receive Lot 17 mission data file updates.

The majority of the work for the contract will be performed in Texas, with an expected completion date of March 2026.

About the AGM-88

The AGM-88 is an air-to-surface tactical missile that first entered service with the US Navy in the 1980s.

It works by locking onto the radiation emitted by enemy radars, allowing it to track and destroy the radar target.

It also uses a smokeless, solid-propellant rocket motor to engage air defense systems and make them completely useless or less efficient.

According to the US Air Force, the F-16C Fighting Falcon is the only aircraft in its current inventory to use the AGM-88.

Apart from the US, the weapon is in service with militaries from Australia, Egypt, Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, Greece, and Israel.

US Air Force weapons loaders attach an AGM-88 HARM onto an F-16 Fighting Falcon. Photo: Airman 1st Class Leon Redfern/US Air Force

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