US Marines Receive First Amphibious Command and Control Vehicle

BAE Systems has delivered the US Marine Corps’ first Amphibious Vehicle Command and Control (ACV-C) variant following tests ensuring its mission-critical effectiveness.

The ACV-C is part of a $256.8-million production contract for the vehicle’s Personnel and Combat variants.

Designed to be a customizable and adaptable mobile command center, the vehicle will provide both land and sea mobility in multi-domain missions.

The production is estimated to be worth $111.5 million, with BAE currently producing and developing Personnel, Recovery, and Medium Caliber Cannon variants.

BAE Systems’ Fulfillment

BAE Systems amphibious vehicles product line vice president Garrett Lacaillade said that the delivery is a testament to the company’s efforts to provide critical capability to the force.

“As the Marines begin to familiarize themselves with the new ACV-C, we remain ready to fulfill any of the Corps’ critical amphibious warfighting needs to ensure the Fleet Marine Force is mission ready,” he said.

Part of the ACV-C’s production contract includes fielding and technical, maintenance, and other related support services for the vehicles.

A Combat-Ready Vehicle

Aside from establishing itself as a situationally-aware battlespace workstation, the ACV-C’s modular construction also allows it to be fitted with multi-domain targeting management, beyond-line-of-sight sensors, and Manned-Unmanned Teaming capabilities.

Each unit also comes equipped with additional radios, antennas, and a larger battery pack for more optimized silent watch operations.

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