Russian Troops Steal From Each Other Due to Lack of Supplies: Report

Russian soldiers on the frontline resort to stealing each other’s valuables due to lack of supplies from the government, a serviceman’s wife has claimed.

The woman, who was only identified as Tatiana for her security, told Radio Liberty that her husband recently disclosed the harsh conditions Russian soldiers face on the frontline.

She said Moscow’s forces are so badly equipped that they now steal clothing, backpacks, and razors from each other.

They are also allegedly not provided with basic equipment such as gloves, shovels, warm underwear, and even ammunition.

“When they were taken out on their first mission, they didn’t even have shovels. They were just dropped off in an empty field and that was that,” she said.

‘How Can This Be?’

Tatiana blatantly questioned Moscow’s treatment of its soldiers, saying it allowed troops to be so desperate as to “loot from their own people.”

She said one man had his warm gloves stolen when he was at formation. Another lost his new suit while on a mission.

She also said soldiers’ money and phones are also being stolen in Ukraine.

“Some of them still don’t have any way to get in touch with anyone,” she said. “You’d think they’d all be together, and then this happens. They steal from their own. How can this be?”

Because of the looting and lack of supplies, Tatiana said her husband spends a significant part of his monthly income buying clothes and other equipment.

Wary of Speaking Out

Tatiana said many wives have wanted to raise awareness of the conditions their Russian partners face in Ukraine.

However, they are wary of speaking out because the Russian military might impose punishments on their husbands.

“Some women think that we should ring all the bells, while others ask us not to write anything,” she told the outlet. “They say that if complaints come in, their own commanders will shoot them and write it off as war losses.”

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