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Russian Bakery Producing Drones for Use Against Ukraine: Report

A Russian bakery has been discovered manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for use in the war against Ukraine, according to a report by Financial Times.

Called the “Bekas,” the small drones are often seen lying on tables alongside bakery products in a bread factory in Tambov, central Russia.

They are produced using a 3D printer, with critical components procured from foreign companies through online transactions.

“They even smell like fresh bread,” a Russian journalist said while sniffing one of the UAVs.

The Tambov bakery reportedly produces 250 drones per month, each sold for as low as 25,000 rubles ($281).

Limited Functionality

Because the bakery is inexperienced at manufacturing combat UAVs, the drone’s combat potential is limited.

It can only carry 3.5 kilograms (7.7 pounds) of payload a distance of 5 kilometers (3.1 miles).

It is also reportedly more suitable for anti-personnel operations, as opposed to larger Lancet and Shahed drones that can carry out more destructive strikes.

According to drone experts, the Bekas relies heavily on Western components, with stickers being the only “Russian thing” in the autonomous system.

Plant Sanctioned

The US has already sanctioned the Tambov bread plant for its indirect role in the war against Ukraine.

However, it is believed that imposing the sanctions is a challenge, as the drone’s simple design and specifications make it difficult to track the supply chain.

The Chinese-made 3D printers are also difficult to track because their components are typically shipped separately, according to the report.

In response to the sanctions, Tambov bakery director Yuriy Chicherin said being included on the US blacklist is significant.

“We are proud, we are happy. When else will someone talk about our factory on an international level?” he told Russian media.

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