Estonia Receives Portable Air Defense Systems From Poland

Estonia has received Poland’s PPZR Piorun man-portable air-defense systems following a 103-million-euro ($113 million) deal.

The 300 missiles and 100 launch mechanisms were handed over to Warsaw by the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments, which signed the deal with Polish arms giant Mesko in 2022.

The Piorun will be deployed with the force’s reservist training unit after just a few hours of training.

This is the first weapons deal between the two countries, with Estonia reporting its partner’s fast delivery and unit price as factors that led to the agreement.

Utilizing the Piorun

The Piorun is a solid fuel-powered portable missile capable of targeting aircraft at an altitude of up to 4 kilometers (2.5 miles).

It can reach a maximum speed of up to 2,400 kilometers (1,500 miles) per hour, utilizing its infrared homing seeker to close in on targets.

The capability has seen deployment in combat, with the Ukrainian National Guard reporting it had been used to take down a Russian Su-25 aircraft.

Other countries that operate the missile system include Latvia, Slovakia, and the US.

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