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China Claims Kinetic Weapon Can Take Out Modern US Tanks in One Shot

A team of Chinese scientists has concluded that a high-speed kinetic energy weapon can take out advanced armored vehicles, such as the US-operated M1 Abrams tank, in just one shot.

According to a South China Morning Post report, Huang Jie and fellow researchers at the China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center recently conducted simulations to determine the extent of damage of kinetic weapons.

They found that it is possible to neutralize heavily armored tanks in one shot without showing any external damage.

A 20-kilogram (44-pound) solid sphere traveling at over Mach 4 could generate kinetic energy of 25 megajoules or seven kilowatt-hours when converted to electrical energy.

Such power could cause severe internal damage to a tank while leaving its exterior intact and unscathed.

Jeopardizing Firepower

The study claimed that a high-speed kinetic energy weapon could effectively neutralize 40- to 60-ton tanks protected by thick layers of armor.

It could inflict severe damage even by grazing its target, thanks to its high terminal speed.

When a tank is hit in the front, the projectile would reportedly sever connections between the fire control computer and turret, jeopardizing its firepower and lethality.

Moreover, the report stated that the weapon could cause concentrated stress on the inside, heavily affecting the tank’s gun stabilizer console and wiring.

“Components at these locations have a high probability of failure due to overload damage,” the team stated.

A related simulation by Dalian University of Technology also showed that the crew of an M1 Abrams tank could suffer fatal injuries when hit by the high-speed kinetic projectile.

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