Lithuania Buys Canada-Made Rifle Optical Sights

The Lithuanian Ministry of Defence has procured Canadian-manufactured optical solutions for its armed forces’ rifle systems.

The 34-million euro ($37.6 million) project will see the delivery of Elcan sights that will be mounted on the military’s 5.56 and 7.62-millimeter weapons.

According to the defense agency, the sights will increase warfighter accuracy and survivability in light and dark conditions.

The optical technology has a range of more than 300 meters (984 feet).

The agreement was signed through NATO’s Support and Procurement Agency, which oversees military sales across member states.

Delivery is scheduled from the summer of 2024 until the autumn of 2025.

Elcan Sights

Elcan operates as part of American defense contractor Raytheon. Based in Midland, Ontario, the company manufactures the Specter line of optics.

Elcan’s portfolio includes magnification equipment, reflex sights, machine gun optics, and digital sights.

Specter products are used by Canada, the US, Australia, the UK, and other allied countries.

“ELCAN Specter Sights are military optical combat sights that help shooters see better and farther in extreme environments and unpredictable situations,” Raytheon said on its website.

“From close-quarters and heavy reflex sights with unlimited eye relief to dual role and digital sights for both man-portable and vehicle mounted missions, our sights deliver a decisive edge for identification and accurate engagement at maximum effective range.”

“These sights provide the right tool, customized for mission requirements to make soldiers more effective and keep them safer.”

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