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Israel Wants US-Made Apache Helicopters for Use Against Hamas: Report

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has requested additional Apache attack helicopters from the US to aid its aerial operations against Hamas militants.

According to local news outlet Ynetnews, the request was discussed by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin during their recent meeting in Israel.

The Middle Eastern nation currently has two Apache helicopter flight squadrons conducting round-the-clock operations in Gaza since the war broke out.

The workload on the two squadrons has reportedly been extremely high, prompting the government to consider acquiring more.

The report did not specify how many of the Boeing-made choppers are being requested.

Several defense sources said Washington has yet to decide on the request, but it is highly likely to be met with a denial from US authorities.

Operational Pressure

Israel’s request is the result of the rapidly increasing operational pressure brought by the ongoing war with Hamas.

The country has reportedly resorted to several unconventional measures, including recalling retired pilots for immediate Gaza deployment.

Aviators aged 55 to 60 were also being recruited to fill operational positions.

Additionally, Ynetnews revealed that the Israeli Air Force has required its active-duty pilots to fly more hours to support combat and reconnaissance missions, resulting in some aviators not leaving their cockpits for up to four hours straight.

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