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Malaysia Boosting Air Defense With Thales GM400A Long-Range Radar

Malaysia has inked an agreement with France to supply a GM400A long-range radar for the Royal Malaysian Air Force.

Announced by manufacturer Thales, the deal follows a series of live tests and demonstrations to evaluate the radar’s ability to augment existing air surveillance and air defense systems in the country.

Apart from the radar itself, the company will provide a complete station infrastructure, which includes a power source, air conditioning, telecommunications, a dome to protect the radar equipment, and all associated logistics support services.

“We are thrilled that Thales’ GM400A radar is selected by the Royal Malaysian Air Force to be a strategic asset of Malaysia’s air defense and surveillance systems,” Thales official François-Xavier Boutes said.

He added that the contract marks a new milestone in defense cooperation between France and Malaysia, considering that Kuala Lumpur became the launch customer of the predecessor radar, the GM400.

Providing ‘Superior’ Situational Awareness

According to Thales, the GM400A long-range radar boasts five times more processing power and a 10-percent increase in range over its predecessor.

It can simultaneously detect a wide variety of targets, including fast jets, missiles, helicopters, and drones moving within a 515-kilometer (320-mile) radius.

Additionally, it has a quick identification friend-or-foe capability, providing command and control centers with optimum response time.

The GM400A also features advanced artificial intelligence technologies to aid in maintaining airspace sovereignty and providing superior situational awareness.

The radar​ is deployed in more than 20 countries, including Estonia and Indonesia.

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