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Indian Navy’s MiG-29 Combat Jets Receive Israeli Rampage Missiles: Report

The Indian Navy has increased the lethality of its MiG-29 combat jets with the integration of Israeli-made Rampage missiles.

As reported by The War Zone, the carrier-based fighter aircraft was seen carrying the precision-guided weapon under its wings.

Another photo on social media showed some Indian Navy personnel examining a Rampage missile in a hangar with MiG-29s jets seen behind.

According to the report, the missile integration reflects an improving military relationship between India and Israel, especially in terms of missile sales.

The weapon provides New Delhi with enhanced defense capability in preparation for potential border conflicts.

India is the first confirmed foreign operator of the Rampage missiles.

‘Designed for Well-Protected Targets’

Developed by Elbit Systems, the Rampage is a long-range, air-to-ground weapon compatible with western and eastern fighter jets.

It boasts a fire-and-forget capability to effectively neutralize fixed, time-critical, and well-protected targets such as command posts, air forces bases, and maintenance centers.

It also travels at supersonic speed while ensuring precision and low collateral damage.

Additionally, the Rampage has an anti-jamming capability, using a GPS-assisted inertial navigation system to reach its targets.

The weapon supports video transmission and wireless communication in all weather conditions, day or night, according to a description on Israel Aerospace Industries’ website.

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