Lockheed Tests JAGM-MR Target Discrimination Tri-Mode Seeker

Lockheed Martin announced that its Joint Air-to-Ground Missile-Medium Range (JAGM-MR) has completed its latest flight test.

Conducted at China Lake Test Range in California, the trial demonstrated the weapon’s tri-mode seeker and its ability to aid target discrimination among multiple targets.

“The enhanced tri-mode seeker provides a new level of precision guidance and defense capabilities, allowing JAGM-MR to lock onto the selected target even when there’s multiple targets in the field,” company director Joey Drake said.

Furthermore, the activity tested the seeker’s near-infrared sensor, which enhances missile performance by allowing it to effectively track targets and guide the weapon for precision strike.

In December last year, the JAGM-MR also undertook a live-fire test, demonstrating its increased 16-kilometer (10-mile) range capability.

‘Turnkey Solution’

Lockheed’s JAGM is a precision-guided munition designed to neutralize high-value stationary, moving, or relocatable land and maritime targets.

In addition to its fire-and-forget capability, the missile can effectively operate in adverse weather, battlefield obscured conditions, and against a variety of countermeasures.

Its warhead can destroy heavily armored vehicles, maritime patrol vessels, urban structures, and field fortifications.

According to Drake, the JAGM product line not only helps address militaries’ much-needed capabilities, but provides “a turnkey solution for the challenges that they face in today’s complex threat environment.”

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