Elbit to Establish ATMOS Artillery Production Facility in Romania

Elbit Systems has announced a partnership with Romanian state-owned Romarm for the creation of an artillery production facility in the country.

The collaboration will facilitate technological transfer to Bucharest, specifically in the production, assembly, and integration of 155-millimeter ATMOS advanced mobile howitzers.

It will also boost sovereign artillery production, generate employment opportunities, and position Romania as a regional artillery hub.

“By working together with ROMARM, we aim to position ourselves as a strategic supplier not only to the Romanian Land Forces, but also to the entire European market,” Elbit Systems official Udi Vered said.

Apart from Romarm, the Israeli firm looks to collaborate with other Romanian companies such as ELMET International SRL, IOR Optics, and Systematic to further strengthen its domestic industrial base.

It is expected to have a 50-percent workshare in the new artillery facility.

‘Answer for New Challenges’

The ATMOS mobile howitzer is a truck-mounted artillery weapon that boasts automatic laying and loading systems.

It also has an advanced electronic suite that enables autonomous operation, accurate navigation, reduced crew size, and increased firepower and precision.

According to Elbit, the “battle-proven” capabilities of the artillery system can be further developed with the help of Romarm.

The Romanian firm has been designing, fabricating, and maintaining armored vehicles since 1958, already delivering over 15,000 vehicles to the country’s defense ministry.

“[Romarm] is looking at extending its list of products and new technologies in order to answer for the new challenges that the region is facing,” the company stated. “In this respect, production of ATMOS advanced mobile howitzers with Elbit Systems is a great opportunity.”

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