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Boeing Wins $2.3B Contract for 15 US Air Force KC-46A Pegasus Tankers

Boeing has received a $2.3-billion contract to build 15 more KC-46A Pegasus tanker aircraft for the US Air Force.

Announced Tuesday, the agreement would allow the service to bolster its aerial refueling and cargo transport capacities.

According to company vice president Lynn Fox, the new order reflects the air force’s trust in the capability of the tanker aircraft.

“We understand the advantages that KC-46 capabilities give the warfighters, and in the current global environment, we continue to focus our investments on evolving the aircraft for the changing needs of the mission,” she said.

The new contract raises the total number of KC-46As under order globally to 153.

Earlier this year, the air force ordered 15 KC-46As under a Lot 9 contract for $2.3 billion.

Troubled Program

The US Air Force’s decision to procure more Pegasus tankers comes after the aircraft was flagged for several issues concerning quality.

In February, Boeing halted deliveries after problems were discovered in the forward pressure bulkhead that affected the tanker’s fuel system.

After resuming supplies in August, a US Air Force official revealed that the Pegasus still had six serious deficiencies to address in order to operate safely.

Among these issues was its RVS, or the camera and video system that boom operators use to guide them when refueling an aircraft.

A “stiffness” problem in the tanker’s refueling boom also reportedly prevented the aircraft from effectively refueling the A-10 Warthog attack plane.

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