US Navy Buys Squad Binocular Night Vision Goggles for $500M

The US Navy will soon receive Elbit Systems’ Squad Binocular Night Vision Goggles (SBNVG) as part of a $500-million deal announced this week.

According to the US Department of Defense, an undisclosed number of state-of-the-art night vision goggles will be handed over to the service by 2028.

The company will also provide spare parts and logistics support services as part of the agreement.

Work for the contract will be carried out in Virginia.

Device Features

Elbit’s SBNVG is a helmet-mounted system that provides increased depth perception and thermal-imaging capability for enhanced situational awareness.

It has high-performance white phosphor image intensifier tubes for improved clarity of objects even in smokey or low-light environments.

The device also features enhanced battery life, supporting missions of extended duration.

In 2022, the US Marine Corps made a similar order to equip warfighters with “the very best technology we have to offer.”


Prior to the US Navy procurement, the US Marine Corps had already tested the night vision system in realistic battlefield conditions.

They used the cutting-edge device to scan multi-level buildings, secure their positions, and identify enemy hideouts.

They also searched for targets inside pitch-black sewer tunnels of restricted height.

In a separate exercise, the SBNVG was used with the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle to aid nighttime small arms engagements.

“For me, I was able to see clearly through the fog using this system,” infantry Marine Cpl. Paulo Ancheta said. “I was able to burn through the fog with the [SBNVG] alone, but the added thermal capability improved the clarity.”

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