Serbia Unveils New Armored Military Vehicles, Equipment

Serbia recently unveiled its new, domestically-built weapons and equipment at the Nikinci Weapons and Military Equipment Test Center in northern Serbia.

Presented to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Miloš Vučević, the new assets include a modern version of the 4×4 Miloš armored combat vehicle and the PASARS self-propelled air defense artillery system.

Manufactured by state-owned Yugoimport SDPR, the Miloš is designed to support patrol, reconnaissance, and anti-terrorism missions. It can also be reconfigured to become a command or transport vehicle.

The Serbian PASARS is a hybrid, short-range missile weapon intended for the protection of friendly forces against low-flying aircraft and other enemy assets.

According to Vučević, the new military weapons and equipment are a testament to the country’s efforts to rely on its own production capacities to bolster the lethality of the armed forces.

Enhancing Combat Readiness

At the testing range, Belgrade also unveiled an unmanned version of the Miloš vehicle.

Developed by the Military Technical Institute of Serbia, the vehicle features a ground clearance of 200 millimeters and is flexible enough to enter buildings through doors.

Its primary mission is to assist special forces and reconnaissance troops in conducting counter-terrorism operations.

Serbia also showcased its new 4×4 BOV OT armored personnel carrier and a modernized version of the BVP M-80 AB1 infantry fighting vehicle.

Vučević also saw various types of artillery munitions and other weapons.

According to him, the country will continue to invest in modern weapons to further strengthen the combat readiness of the military amid complex geopolitical concerns.

He further stated that the new weapons and vehicles will help ensure the safety and security of all citizens in the country.

Serbian unmanned ground vehicle
A Serbian unmanned ground vehicle presented at the Nikinci Weapons and Military Equipment Test Center. Photo: Serbian MoD

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