L3Harris Says F-16 Electronic Warfare Suite Nears Major Milestone

L3Harris has announced that its new electronic warfare suite “Viper Shield” is nearing another major milestone ahead of planned production in 2025.

Company official Anna Gragossian told Breaking Defense that the next program milestone will demonstrate the system’s ability to detect enemy radar activities, helping military pilots evade threats.

It will also further evaluate if the suite can effectively identify threats, provide increased protection to soldiers, and jam adversary signals.

The demonstration is expected to take place in December this year.

About Viper Shield

A digital electronic warfare suite, Viper Shield is designed to be integrated into Lockheed Martin’s F-16 Block 70/72 aircraft.

It is expected to provide a virtual electronic shield around next-generation combat jets for warfighters to safely complete missions.

It features open system architecture and commercial-off-the-shelf technologies, enabling enhanced system performance and easier integration of modern components.

In February, Viper Shield passed a critical design review, confirming that the system meets its stated performance requirements within cost, schedule, and risk.

According to Gragossian, five yet-to-be-named nations will receive the electronic warfare suite once all trials and production activities are complete.

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