Reiser to Supply NH90 Helicopter Simulators for Germany, NATO

Reiser Simulation and Training (RST) has received a contract to deliver a Rear Cabin Trainer platform of the NH90 multirole helicopter for the German military and NATO.

The award will see the Bavarian firm produce a single NH90 simulator and transform two original NH90 fuselages into a ground-based training system.

Work for the effort is expected to be complete by the autumn of 2024.

The NH90 training rigs will be utilized at the Air Maneuver Training and Exercise Center in Celle, Germany.

“Sustainability is at the heart of our mission, and this project is a testament to our dedication to eco-conscious training,” RST CEO Dr. Johannes Hain said.

“Our NH90 replicas are a commitment to precision, delivering an experience that stays true to every detail. We are proud to provide an advanced training solution that enhances the skills and safety of airmobile forces while embracing sustainable practices.”

RST's NH90 Rear Cabin Trainer
NH90 Rear Cabin Trainer. Photo: Reiser Simulation and Training

RST’s NH90 Rear Cabin Trainer

The NH90 Rear Cabin Trainer is based on the NH90 Maintenance Training Rig initially offered by RST for allied customers.

The new simulator provides advanced rotorcraft practice for airborne defense personnel such as infantry soldiers, paratroopers, and associated aircrews.

It integrates an NH90 cabin and reduced tail boom, excluding the upper deck and rotor parts.

The technology incorporates realistic controls and equipment to train essential skills other than combat, including casualty evacuation, medical missions, air transport, and loading/unloading procedures.

Sea Lion Practice Rig for German Navy

Last year, RST partnered with Rheinmetall to configure an Asterion cockpit trainer into the NH90 Sea Lion maritime variant.

The solution is scheduled for completion next year and will be used by the German Navy in Nordholz for realistic maintenance and repair missions.

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