Lockheed Unveils Military Training Solutions With Metaverse Tech

Lockheed Martin has introduced several military training solutions it says leverage cutting-edge metaverse technologies.

The metaverse refers to an immersive, 3D digital world that allows users to virtually experience real-world scenarios and interact with others using devices, such as virtual reality headsets.

It can also simulate the battlespace and “meet diverse needs of militaries around the world.”

The first training solution the American firm unveiled is the Amorphic Appearance Zero-Projector (AMAZE) visual display system. It immerses soldiers in high-fidelity training and offers reduced maintenance so operators can focus on the training itself.

Lockheed also introduced its flagship simulation and training software Prepar3D, which provides militaries with the ability to train across a multi-domain environment.

It features an extensive vehicle library, including F-16 combat jets, UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters, and deep-sea submarines to aid mixed-reality training.

The SIMRES Training Solution

In addition to AMAZE and Prepar3D, Lockheed Martin unveiled what it describes as a “groundbreaking solution” for force-on-force shooting simulation.

Called the SIMRES, the technology translates live action into a virtual environment to help soldiers familiarize themselves with weapons and equipment.

It leverages sensors and algorithms to track where soldiers and weapons are located in the real world, then maps them in a virtual simulation.

It also calculates ballistics for evaluation.

According to Lockheed, SIMRES minimizes the use of helmets and other hardware so soldiers can maneuver easily during training.

Lockheed's training solutions
Lockheed’s training solutions can effectively simulate real-world activities. Photo: Lockheed Martin

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