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Japan Simulates Potential Chinese Attack on ‘Most Vulnerable’ Island

The Japanese military has conducted a maritime drill simulating potential Chinese attacks on an island Tokyo deems “most vulnerable.”

The simulation, which capped an 11-day military exercise, was held on the southwest island of Tokunoshima where there is no coral reef that could make attacks difficult.

During the exercise, amphibious assault vehicles were launched from two Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force landing ships and stormed the vulnerable island in an attempt to dislodge invaders.

Other military units also arrived in semi-inflatable rubber boats carrying heavy equipment to counter enemy actions.

According to authorities, the simulation allowed the Japanese military to demonstrate its readiness to defend the country’s territories and infrastructure.

“The goal of [the exercise] is to show that if there is an emergency situation resulting from an attack, that we are able respond in a joint way,” said General Yoshihide Yoshida, chief of staff of the Japan Ground Self-Defence Forces’ Joint Staff.

‘The Next Ukraine’

Tokyo has increased investments to bolster its military power amid concerns that East Asia could be the next Ukraine if China launches a full-scale invasion of Taiwan.

Beijing views the island nation as a breakaway province and has not ruled out the use of force for its reunification.

In December last year, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said the country will spend 43.5 trillion yen ($290.9 billion) on new weapons, including longer-range missiles.

Japan was also considering accepting a US plan to deploy intermediate-range missiles on its territory to fend off potential Chinese attacks.

Additionally, the scope and pace of military exercises in the country will increase over the next few years to strengthen combat readiness.

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