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BlackBerry Inks Cyber Enhancement Agreement for Malaysia

Canadian firm BlackBerry has signed a software and services agreement to boost Malaysia’s cybersecurity capabilities.

As part of the initiative, BlackBerry will provide a full suite of its proprietary cloud-hosted solutions to the country.

These technologies include the Cylance AI for digital assault forecasting, Unified Endpoint Management or UEM for data protection, the NATO-certified SecuSUITE for secured communications, and ATHoc for incident response and event management.

BlackBerry will also establish a Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (CCoE) facility in Kuala Lumpur next year to offer proficiency courses for future Malaysian cyber personnel.

The project supports the nation’s goal to increase its number of digital experts by 12,000.

‘Regional Hub of Threat Intelligence’

BlackBerry wrote that the Malaysian cyber agreement aligns with the Canadian government’s efforts to boost capacity-building assistance to Southeast Asian partners under Ottawa’s Indo-Pacific strategy.

This approach is expected to improve the exchange of intelligence between Malaysia and Canada, and eventually transform Kuala Lumpur into a cybersecurity powerhouse that can defend against evolving malicious activities.

Alongside the Canada-Malaysia bilateral interoperability, the agreement will benefit BlackBerry’s expansion in addition to its North American and European businesses.

“With nearly 40 years in protecting governments and enterprises globally, BlackBerry is proud to partner with the Governments of Malaysia and Canada to enhance Malaysia’s cybersecurity posture,” BlackBerry Cybersecurity President John Giamatteo stated.

“I am also especially proud of the establishment of a BlackBerry [CCoE] in Malaysia, designed to support the Prime Minister’s strategic goal of growing a skilled cybersecurity workforce and positioning Malaysia as a critical regional hub of threat intelligence.”

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