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Saab Cleared to Build Carl-Gustaf Production Facility in India

Saab has received the Indian government’s clearance to build a manufacturing facility in the country for the latest generation of its Carl-Gustaf M4 rifles.

First announced in 2022, the facility is expected to bolster arms production in the Asian nation and provide necessary support to the Indian Army and other customers.

It will reportedly feature complex technologies and employ advanced manufacturing techniques for the state-of-the-art weapon system.

Saab stated that it will collaborate with Indian sub-suppliers to further boost local industry and meet the objectives of the “Make in India” initiative.

“It is a great honor to be trusted as a global defense company to receive approval for 100% foreign direct investment in India,” company official Görgen Johansson said.

“This underlines our strong commitment to Make in India and our excellent collaboration with the Indian Defence Forces.”

The Carl Gustaf Rifle

The Carl-Gustaf M4 is a man-portable, shoulder-launched weapon capable of destroying armored tanks even with add-on armor protection.

It can also be used to attack bankers, clear obstacles, and penetrate buildings in urban combat.

A recoilless weapon, the rifle offers enhanced agility and tactical flexibility to users.

“The Carl-Gustaf provides the effectiveness soldiers need to shut the enemy down before they can react in all environments. Having this single-weapon system for all situations increases tactical flexibility while reducing the amount of equipment to carry,” Saab said on its website.

The weapon has been in service with the Indian Army since the 1970s and is the main should-launched weapon of the Indian military.

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