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KBR, Cognition Analytica to Boost Australian Military’s ‘Cyber Worthiness’

Engineering firm KBR has partnered with Brisbane software company Cognition Analytica to enhance the Australian Defence Force’s “cyber worthiness” and allow platforms, systems, and networks to continue operating effectively in contested cyber environments.

The partnership will develop and leverage Cognition Analytica’s “Achilles” cyber terrain mapping solution to improve the military’s digital capabilities against emerging cyber threats and retain operability in compromised scenarios.

Achilles enables fast analysis of malicious targets and compatibility with existing defense platforms and operating systems.

Cognition Analytica Managing Director James Alexander added further details on the Achilles software’s functionality.

“The Achilles platform’s ability to map and 3D model interconnected digital systems against protective cyber frameworks and standards is a pivotal game-changer in visualising and maintaining cyber worthiness,” Alexander explained.

“Achilles not only renders complex and critical systems in 3D, its dash-boarded functionality enables rapid command decision-making, ensuring the cyber worthiness and digital integrity of any Defence asset or platform is maintained.”

“As a sovereign Australian company, Cognition Analytica is proud to be working with KBR to support the Australian Defence Force in safeguarding the digital systems of its strategic assets and platforms.”

Maintaining Effectiveness

Once employed, the software is expected to complement KBR’s strategic recommendations, modeling, supply-chain security audits, critical asset protection, and all-hazard risk reduction services for the Australian defense’s digital landscape.

“Like airworthiness for aircraft and sea worthiness for ships, cyber worthiness enables Defence platforms, systems and networks to continue operating effectively in contested cyber environments,” KBR Asia Pacific Government Solutions VP Nic Maan stated.

“Achilles combined with KBR’s existing cyber capabilities means that we can not only better identify threats but also provide rapid, robust and cost-effective advice to mitigate threats and maintain the integrity of the platform.” 

“We see enormous opportunity to support the Australian Defence Force through this agreement.” 

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