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Australian Defence Force Taps Local Company for Flight Risk Reduction

Avionics company Aerodynamic has been awarded a five-year contract to support the Australian Defence Force (ADF)’s flight data monitoring capabilities.

The Victoria-based company will provide support for the ADF’s flight recorder and locating equipment (FRLE) across a number of aircraft fleets.

Logistics, flight data analyses, and specialized equipment repair round up the agreement’s main focus.

The ADF’s main goal in the collaboration is to reduce aviation risk through the proactive use of digital flight data and comes on the heels of two crashes involving Taipan helicopters.

In March, Australia grounded its Taipan fleet after two of the choppers crashed, with one incident claiming the lives of four army aircrew.

An Enduring Partnership

The five-year data management contract includes options for extended future support.

Director General Navy Aviation, Aircrew Training and Commons Commodore Darren Rae said that the ADF has chosen a local company for the contract to boost Australia’s sovereignty in the aerial capabilities industry.

“This support contract will help us meet the dynamic and challenging requirements of military aviation across the ADF and all employees and services for this contract will be located in Australia, further supporting local industry and the community,” he explained.

The ADF and Aerodynamic have a 22-year relationship based on improving the country’s air force.

Aerodynamic’s ongoing services to the ADF include force-wide quality assurance, database management, technical investigations and reporting, and logistical support.

“This contract draws on our decades of experience in providing specialised FRLE-specific products and services to our worldwide customer base in both civil and defence sectors,” Aerodynamic Director Keelan Privitera stated.

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