Ukraine Rolls Out Jam-Proof Walkie-Talkie to Counter Russian EW 

Ukraine has introduced a new jam-resistant radio communication device to counter Russia’s electronic warfare (EW).

The Himera G1 handheld radio was designed to overcome the weaknesses of Motorola tactical communications systems widely employed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Developed by Ukraine-based Himera Tech, the radio employs encrypted frequency-hopping technology to thwart interference, Janes reported, citing Himera Tech co-founder Misha Rudominski.

Moreover, the employment of low radiated power (245 times less than Motorola’s) significantly reduces its chances of detection.

Can Be Integrated With Other Systems

“Ukrainian developers created the Himera radio station so that our military could always be in touch and effectively coordinate the work of units,” Ukraine’s deputy prime minister for innovation, education, science, and technology Mykhailo Fedorov said.

“The walkie-talkie can be integrated into the situational awareness system or used as a GPS beacon for searching and evacuating soldiers. 

You can control the system of radio stations simply through the application on the phone.”

The system can operate in a wide range of temperatures from -10 to +85 degrees Celsius (14-185 Fahrenheit). Its battery works for four days.

Russian Electronic Warfare

Russia’s EW campaign has disrupted Ukraine’s radio communications and drone campaign, managing to jam around 10,000 Ukrainian drones per month, according to a recent RUSI report.

“Russian electronic warfare remains potent, with an approximate distribution of at least one major system covering each 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) of front,” the report said.

“Russian EW is also apparently achieving real time interception and decryption of Ukrainian Motorola 256-bit encrypted tactical communications systems, which are widely employed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

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